Julie Greenberg

  When Julie Greenberg was in her mid-      

  twenties, studying to be a rabbi and living   in a feminist world of non-traditional  

  relationships, she wondered how she

  would create a family. As a single woman  

  engaged in passionate activism,     

  Greenberg had always planned to be a  


  This book tells the story of her journey

  into spirited motherhood, and of how she

  parented her five children within a web of

  relationships that included donor dads, a

  gay male parenting partner, birth parents,

  multiracial children, women lovers and

  former lovers in addition to her strong

  and loving family of origin.  

  Rooted within the inspiring personal story

  of the Greenberg family, Just Parenting

  also draws on Greenberg’s years of 

  experience as a rabbi, family therapist

  and maker of social change, offering

  guidance from the mainstream and from

  the margins.  

  Just Parenting is a powerful infusion of

  optimism, best practices and personal

  experience about creating one’s own

  unique path to parent for a better world.